An athletic trainer at East High School in Bakersfield is accusing the former football coach and current athletic director of misconduct.

Billy Toledo says Coach Dave Thorp came to practice drunk and spit on players, while Ken Chapman took a test for an academically ineligible player and kept another on the field, even though he had a concussion. He’s also accused of reinstating two freshman players despite a hazing incident. Toledo says this was done to protect star players.

Toledo says he refused to issue gear to the student who had the concussion, especially because the school did not follow proper concussion protocol in the first place. He also claims Chapman did not sign his complaint as required and directed a secretary not to send it to the District.

Toledo says he’s now he’s been assigned custodial duties, had complaints lodged against him, been threatened for speaking out, and his father was fired as the girl’s basketball coach.

The Kern High School District says in a statement that “these allegations date back more than a year and were thoroughly investigated once they were reported.” Director of Student Support Services Stan Greene adds most football players with concussions sit out two weeks, which is double the time state rules require.

Toledo meets with the school board on Monday.

Kelli Pierce