The Kern High School District Board of Trustees has voted 3-2 in favor of allowing teachers to carry guns.The vote means certified staff with concealed weapons permits may, at a later point, carry guns on campus. Thursday afternoon’s vote came during a hastily called special session held at 2:00 PM when teachers and most parents could not attend. Opponents also wanted the vote to take place after outgoing Trustee Chad Vegas, who voted yes, left the board. However, Trustee-elect Joey O’Connell was endorsed by Vegas and may have voted the same way. It will still be some time before a policy can be crafted and put in place. Prior to last year’s SB707, teachers are believed to have regularly had guns on campus in Kern County and throughout California. The new law allows districts to opt out, but CCW holders must first get permission from the Superintendent to bring a gun on campus.

Sean Michael Lisle