A federal judge has blocked new Labor Department rules on overtime pay.The rules were to apply to management employees and were due to take effect December first. Human resources consultant Holly Culhane with P.A.S. Associates of Bakersfield says the injunction is a relief for small businesses and non-profits. Many had not budgeted for the increases and would have had employees have to stop after 40 hours, including pastors and non-profit directors and counselors. Some said they were going to cut services, others lay off employees. The rule would have required managers to make at least $47,000 a year before they could be exempt from overtime pay. In California, the exemption starts after $47,600 a year but current federal laws begin at $23,000. It’s expected the Trump Administration will discard the rulemaking and the lawsuit by 21 states and business groups will be dropped.

Sean Michael Lisle