The third day of the Sabrina Limon trial focused on the religion of admitted triggerman Jonathan Hearn.

Hearn’s mother Carol told how her son is a devout Christian, but she noticed he stopped taking communion before Robert Limon’s murder. She also related how a series of letters her son sent made her suspicious that “his hands were not clean”. Hearn’s father Mike says his son also began quoting the Biblical story of David and Bathsheeba, about a king who gets the husband of his mistress killed.

Sheriff’s detectives were also cross-examined on Wednesday. They discussed finding several same-day deposits into a Wells Fargo bank account, including a $300,000 deposit which is the same amount as Robert Limon’s life insurance policy. Detectives described finding arsenic in Jonathan Hearn’s grandfather’s house, which they say may have been used in a previous murder attempt. However, the defense counters it was only found after Hearn took a plea deal.

Sabrina Limon is charged with helping Hearn kill Robert Limon at his Tehachapi job site three years ago.

Kelli Forsch