Kern County libraries are wiping out your late fees–for a short while.

The “Baby, Come Back” campaign is based on similar programs across the country that help people who are too nervous to go back through the doors due to their outstanding fees. The library also wants people to discover programs and resources they provide other than books.

Adults can stop by any branch and donate library materials, canned goods, or make a donation to County Animal Services to get their fees dismissed, while children and teens will have to keep a reading log.

The program runs through June 30th and also runs from July 30th to August.

The offer does not apply to people who are already in collections.

Kelli Pierce

COME BACK to Kern County LI-BRAR-Y!

BABY, COME BACK ~ We'll Take Care of ALL YOUR FEES! (seriously)Learn more about our two-week Amnesty Program this Summer! you to The Media House, Phantom Stranger Inc, & Ariel Dyer Music for helping us create this fun video!

Posted by Kern County Library on Friday, June 8, 2018