The City of Bakersfield celebrated the completion of 85 renovated bus stops that will better service people with disabilities. Karen King, CEO of Golden Empire Transit is proud of how state and local government agencies came together to create more accessible transportation pathways for Kern County riders. Speaking on the lawn of New Advances for People with Disabilities in Bakersfield, Ms. King explained that the previous bus stops infrastructure were unsafe for wheelchairs before she secured the funding to install modern sidewalks, curbs and gutters. She adds that the million dollar project is a game-changer for disabled people traveling around town. Two years ago a select group of disabled residents, named The Voiced, met with city officials to point out the bus stops which needed the most upgrades and Kern Council Governments matched a one million dollar grant to begin the process. The rehabbed stops also make it easier for bus drivers to deploy their wheelchair ramps.

Jill Michaels