A 40 year old man tired to carjack a woman in the Faststrip parking lot on Niles Street and Mount Vernon Avenue at 10:15 Wednesday morning. The Faststrip supervisor on shift, Evelyn witnessed the man yelling loudly and pacing back and forth, banging on the female’s windows to open the door.  Instead, the victim refused and Paul Pearson got angry and slashed her tires. Kern County Sheriff’s Lieutenant, Doug Sword says the 40 year old man then left the scene on foot and attacked a random man from behind, stabbing him several times in the head and neck. Sheriffs caught up with the suspect a few blocks away and charged him for carjacking, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.The injured man was taken to the hospital and is recovering with non life threatening injuries. The video is on KUZZ Facebook.

Jill Michaels