Bakersfield College Main Campus Under Physical Closure

Bakersfield College announces physical closures as #BCGoesOnlineBakersfield College announced that the main campus on Panorama will be under a physical
closure as of 5:30 pm on Thursday, March 19. The physical campuses at BC-Southwest and
Delano were closed on March 18th. All classes and student services will be available virtually as
the college continues to serve students at a distance.
Classes and student services will be online during the physical closure of the campus. Faculty,
staff, and student employees will be working remotely.
“As of today, not only are all of our classes and student support services online, but all of our
employees are prepared to work remotely,” said Bakersfield College President Sonya Christian.
“The decision to close the physical campus was a natural evolution of moving all of our functions to
the virtual world. Now, for the safety of our employees and students we are able to virtually shelter
in place because of this epidemic without interrupting the core college mission of providing learning
for our students.”
The college is set to begin a deep cleaning on its campus facilities starting at 4 pm today.
Maintenance staff will sweep through each building, ensuring each facility is thoroughly sanitized
before being shut down. This deep cleaning is another precaution the college is taking to combat
the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Bakersfield College has been proactive, thoughtful, and systematic in its efforts to fulfill its
educational mission, and commitment to student success while safeguarding its student body,
faculty, and staff from COVID-19.
“I am very impressed with the rapid response and attention to detail in the care for faculty, staff and
students that Bakersfield College leadership have demonstrated during this difficult time,” said
Shelly Castaneda, Executive Director of Public Safety. “Rest assured that BC’s Public Safety
Department and its officers remain committed to ensuring the security of the physical campus as
well as the safety of faculty, staff, and students.”
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