Cliff and Tanya’s Game of Games

Every weekday is your chance to win with Cliff and Tanya’s Game of Games. It a different game every day. Test your knowledge about everything from millennials to music weekday mornings from 5 to 9. Here are the fun ways to listen, participate and win…

Mondays: Millennial Monday. Correct identify the “millennial term” and win
Tuesdays: Tuba Tuesday: We play a song on a tuba…name the song and win.
Wednesdays: What’s Tanya watching Wednesday: Tanya will give clues to a show she is binge watching, name the show and win.
Thursdays: Little Theater Thursday: We have kids perform a scene from a movie, name the movie and win.
Fridays: Frankensongs Friday: Singer Tim sings the lyrics from one song to the music of another country hit. Name the song the lyrics are from and win.