Clear the List – Ashley Gonzalez

My name is Ashley Gonzalez and I am a 3rd grade teacher at Standard Elementary. Growing up in foster care, my teachers were always super important to me. They were the most consistent thing for me and I always felt safe at school. I always wanted to be a teacher as a child but then veered toward wanting to become a social worker. While going to school to attain my bachelors degree, I worked for the after school program and I absolutely loved it! I soon decided that what I always wanted as a child was true. I was meant to be a teacher. I am going on to year 5 of teaching, I have taught 1st grade my whole career and will now be teaching third grade! My hope is that my students feel as safe as I did with my teachers. The things on my amazon wishlist are to help me and my students feel safe, comfortable, and excited to be in the classroom.

Thank you for the opportunity to clear the list! I appreciate it.