Clear the List – Shari Michaels

Oh man, where to start… as a child, I remember pretending to “play school” with just about anyone that I could convince to participate. I was always the teacher! This obsession would lead me on a journey through my college years to pursue a teaching credential, but life got in the way and this journey got put on hold for awhile. The dream never went away, and at the age of 41, I finally graduated with a credential and was hired at Stella Hills. I was so excited to begin my first year of teaching, to only be confronted with the challenges of being a first grade teacher in the midst of COVID-19. My first year of teaching would not be in a classroom filled with the hustle and bustle of young children, but instead took place over Zoom, in my home office, with headphones and online programs. Definitely not the teaching experience I imagined, but it was amazing all the same. I feel that this year, is going to be my real “first” year in the classroom and I am realizing that I do not have as many manipulatives and supplies as I would like to have. I teach in an extreme low poverty area and I would love to be able to provide a classroom filled with positivity and interactive stations for the students to to utilize. Thank you for considering my students to be blessed with amazing items.