Clear the List – Meagan Morrison

I’m Meagan Morrison a 6th grade teacher who teaches at Buena Vista Elementary. And can I just say: I love what I get to do! Year after year, we build a family in my classroom, complete hands on learning activities and projects, and enjoy the growth in confidence and learning. Even after the challenging school year, I loved building our classroom family and watching my students want to learn and thrive! Some of the opportunities I participate in include being on the school site leadership team, PBIS team member, school site council, math club coach, and curriculum team.
Knowing that students are coming off a year and a half of unprecedented times in their learning, my plan for student growth is for them to want to learn by providing engaging, hands on learning experience. While I am designing engaging lessons for students, providing supplemental engaging activities like math games, new books, STEM activities will just further student growth.
Thank you for your consideration!