Clear the List – Mindy Pino

I have a class of 27 energetic, curious, and amazing five- and six-year-old students at Sandrini Elementary School. I know teachers say their classes are a joy, but it is such a privilege to be a child’s first experience with school, which I have the honor of doing by being a kindergarten teacher.
I teach at a Title I school. Out of 23 campuses, ours ties one other with having the highest poverty rate. This allows 100% of students to receive free breakfast and lunch at school. My goal is for my students to know that while at school they are loved and it is a place where they can have breakfast, play, then come in the door and get a hug from their smiling teacher and spend the day learning as much as they can so they have the same opportunity for success as any other child in any other neighborhood. I want them to leave with a love for school and a heart that treats others kindly.