Pipe Roller / General Oilfield Labor

B&L Casings Services is looking for Pipe Roller / General Oilfield Labor
Job Description:
• Pipe Roller / General Oilfield Labor
• Salary depends on experience starting at $17.00 an hour.
• Will work on a 2–5-man casing crew
• Experience preferred, but not required
Job Types:
• Full-time, Part-time
• On-call
Must pass pre-employment drug screen & hair follicle
• 401 (K)
• 401 (K) Matching
• Dental Insurance
• Health Insurance
• Health Savings Account
• Life Insurance
• Paid Time Off
• Vision Insurance
Bring current DMV printout when applying
You can apply online at:
www.blservicesinc.com – click on careers tab then download the application.
Send applications to bmcmahon@blservicesinc.com or fax it to 661-587-3677
You can always apply in person at 21054 Kratzmeyer Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93314