Former Bakersfield Homeless Center CEO Announces Run for Congress

Former Bakersfield Homeless Center CEO Announces Run for Congress

Another hat throw into the ring for California’s 23rd Congressional District. Louis Gill, the former CEO of the Bakersfield Homeless Center and the Alliance Against Family Violence. This seat is currently occupied by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

His full announcement can be seen below:

For twenty years, I have seen how hard people and especially families struggle to just get by in Bakersfield, Lancaster, Kernville and other communities in California’s 23rd district. Thousands of our neighbors have barely been able to hold on to their homes. Many have had to work multiple jobs just to put food to the table. Far too many have lost their homes entirely. I have made it my life’s work to provide safety and stability for the most underserved in our communities, and now it is time to utilize that same dedication and tenacity for all the residents of the 23rd District . 

Today, the global pandemic has exacerbated these issues and undermined the progress we have made in recent years. As we recover, we will need leadership that is truly dedicated and singularly focused on our communities to build a healthier future. 

I am running for California’s 23rd congressional district to bring people together and address the issues in our communities that have been neglected by our elected leaders for far too long. This district needs a leader that fights for and protects communities, not a D.C. political insider who puts party priorities before the needs of his constituents.