No Federal Grant For Kern/Tulare “Produced Water” Project

The Kern Tulare Water District will not be given a federal grant to help fund the construction of an $18 million reservoir and pipeline system that would divert a product of oilfield drilling into farmland water.

The proposed network would increase the water supply for farmers by diluting 6,000 acre feet of saltier “produced water” into fresh irrigation water.

Gene Lundquist with the Water Association of Kern County says the district was given the news about its failed $7.5 million application Thursday.

“The only thing I heard is that it went toward some sort of global warming project,” Lundquist said. “That’s all I know at this point.”

Lundquist says the district will look elsewhere for the money.

“They still want to pursue the project, and they’ll be looking to, perhaps, the state for funding,” Lundquist said.

Members of the water district couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday.

– Anthony Pollreisz