Vanessa Heraldez

Vanessa Heraldez

    Vanessa Heraldez is the newest addition to the KUZZ family.

    Her professional career has involved working as a program instructor in a prison. Due to a facility shut down, she decided she needed to take a different path in life. As Cody Johnson’s song “Till You Can’t” states, “If you got a dream, chase it, ’cause a dream won’t chase you back”, and here she is living her dream where she can be the ultimate fan girl and be able to be her hot mess self while hopefully putting a smile on your face. 

    She was born and raised in Taft, Ca, where she still resides, and she is a Taft High (Senior Superlative being Most Dramatic.. who would have guessed that?) and Taft college alumni. She eventually went over the hill to finish out at CSUB. She has one child, Alexander Paul, with her husband, Pablo.

    Three adjectives to best describe her would be outgoing, adventurous, and determined.  She enjoys traveling, baking, concerts, and finding the best deals on anything. All around, she just loves having a good time and maybe a skinny margarita from time to time.

    She is truly grateful for the opportunity that KUZZ has given her and is excited for the journey that follows.