California residents may opt out of the “sale” of their personal information under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”).  Under the CCPA, a sale is defined such that it may include allowing third parties to receive certain information, such as cookies, IP address, and/or browsing behavior, to deliver targeted advertising on the Services or other services. Advertising, including targeted advertising, enables us to provide you certain content for free and allows us to provide you offers relevant to you.

This site allows third parties to collect certain of your information to help provide more relevant advertising and to provide you with offers and promotions and opportunities that may be of interest to you.  Depending on what Services you use, third parties may collect the following categories of personal information for these purposes:

  • For online targeted advertising purposes: demographic and statistical information, user-generated content, device information and identifiers, browser and usage data, geolocation, and social media information.
  • For sharing with third parties to send you relevant offers, products, promotions and opportunities: contact and registration information, demographic and statistical information, employment and education data, user-generated content, device information and identifiers, and geolocation.

If you would like to opt out of our use of your information for such purposes that may considered a “sale” under California law, you may do so as outlined in the section below entitled “Opting Out of The Sale of Information.” You can also submit a sale opt-out request by emailing us at the email address below.  Please note that we do not knowingly sell the personal information of minors under 16 years of age.

Opting Out of the Sale of Information

If you are a California resident, you may opt out of this site’s sale of your personal information (and as a result, opt out of personalized advertising) by following the below instructions.  Please note, You must utilize each of the following tools to ensure that you are opted out as much as technically possible across the open web.


Google is our primary partner for serving online advertising. Google offers the option of allowing sites to opt-out of sale of user personal information for users that Google determines are located in California. Although we have enabled this option, we encourage you to visit the above Google link to ensure your personal preference is recorded.

Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA):

The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) establishes and enforces responsible privacy practices across the industry for relevant digital advertising, providing consumers with enhanced transparency and control through multifaceted principles that apply to multi-site data and cross-app data gathered in either desktop, mobile web, or mobile app environments. The DAA is an independent non-profit organization led by leading advertising and marketing trade associations. This tool, created by the DAA, will generate a list of participating vendors who are currently collecting data from you for the purposes of targeted advertising. You will be able to see each vendor and must then affirmatively opt out of any or all of their databases

Network Advertising Initiative (NAI):

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) is a leading self-regulatory association comprised exclusively of third-party digital advertising companies. The NAI promotes the health of the online ecosystem by maintaining and enforcing high standards for data collection and use for online advertising purposes. These tools, created by the NAI, will generate a list of participating vendors who are currently collecting data from you for the purposes of targeted advertising. You will be able to see each vendor and must then affirmatively opt out of any or all of their databases.


This tool is specific to RevContent, which is a vendor we utilize for advertising.

Our Registration Database:

If you are a registered user of this site for newsletters or other services where registration is required, you may submit an opt out request using this link.  Please provide your name and email address.

Important Information

For many of the above tools, your opt-out preferences may be stored in cookies.  If your browser blocks cookies, your opt-out preferences may not be effective.  If you delete cookies, you may also be deleting your opt-out preferences, so you should visit these pages periodically to review your preferences or to update your choices.  The above opt-out mechanisms are browser based and device specific, meaning they only apply on with respect to the device you use to access the mechanism.   If you access this site through other devices and wish those devices to be included in your opt-out, you must access the foregoing links on each such device opt-out on each such device and on each browser to exercise your opt-out rights. The site you are currently on does not maintain or control the opt-out mechanisms listed in items above and is not responsible for their operation.

Even if you opt-out using any of the above mechanisms, we may still deliver contextual advertising (which is advertising that is targeted to page content instead of users), use information for non-targeted advertising purposes such as analytics, measurement and attribution and conduct cross-device tracking to provide first-party advertisements directly to you. Further, we may also still share some of your information with our service providers to provide services on our behalf, such as fraud prevention, measuring the effectiveness and performance of advertisements, providing analytics and aggregate statistics, and similar services that do not involve the sale of your personal information.

Your choices for this browser do not apply to this site’s mobile app. To opt-out in the mobile app environment, please click on the “Do Not Sell My Info” link in the Settings menu of this site’s mobile app. To opt out on connected TVs, please use the “Limit Ad Tracking,” “Interest-based Ads,” or equivalent settings on your device.