Kern Medical Center Fails “Hospital Safety Score” Review

Kern Medical Center was the only hospital to receive a failing grade for patient care and safety on the non-profit Leapfrog Group’s “Hospital Safety Score” website.

Scott Phygerson, who is the hospital’s chief strategy officer, said the organization wanted money from the hospital to look at its data from last fall.

“Given the financial status that Kern Medical Center has been under, we have not paid to submit our data, and, hence, they have given us an F,” Phygerson said.

He also said it’s common for many hospitals – even exceptional hospitals – to receive poor grades from similar organizations.

“Consider, for instance, UCLA – we all know it’s one of the top institutions in the country and in the world, yet, they will have similar issues cited for them,” Phygerson said.

KMC received low marks for respiratory care problems, poorly-timed antibiotic use, the number of infections after surgery, and a lack of doctors in the ICU. In several other areas, it was noted that KMC didn’t submit the needed data.

Most area hospitals received C grades. The downtown and southwest Mercy hospitals were given Bs, topping the list.

– Anthony Pollreisz