No Measles Activity Seen in Kern County

The measles count in California has climbed to 67, but the local department of public health says there isn’t much activity yet in Kern County.

Denise Smith, the county’s director of disease control, said they haven’t found any confirmed cases yet, saying that vaccination levels are high among area schoolchildren.

“At this point, we have not received any reports of measles to our department, and we’re hoping it stays that way,” Smith said.

She is urging people to make sure that they’re up on their vaccinations if they plan on visiting Anaheim or Los Angeles.

“Any kind of traveling to areas where there is measles activity right now will put you at higher risk if you’re not vaccinated, Smith said.

Smith said Kern County’s last measles epidemic was seen in either the late ’80s or early ’90s.

Many of the cases reported south of Kern County are linked to Disneyland theme parks.

– Anthony Pollreisz