Missing Oildale Girl Found North of Bakersfield

An Oildale teenager missing since Monday after being taken by a family friend has been found unharmed north of Bakersfield.

Sheriff’s spokesman Ray Pruitt says 13-year-old Ashley Arellano was discovered in a van with 28-year-old Aaron Weirich on Friday morning, but wouldn’t say where exactly they were found.

“They were located in a coastal town – up north, on the central coast,” Pruitt said. “They were both in the vehicle when they were both contacted by a police officer in that area.”

Several agencies assisted each other to find the girl, Pruitt said.

“We had assistance from law enforcement agencies in the Twentynine Palms area, we had assistance from the FBI, and we had assistance from the law enforcement agency up north that actually located them this morning.”

Both were seen in Twentynine Palms on Wednesday. Weirich is jailed on two charges, including felony child concealment.

– Anthony Pollreisz