Student Dies After Collapsing During Gym Class in Delano

An 8th grade student is dead after collapsing during a gym class at Cecil Avenue Middle School in Delano.

Anthony Monreal is the superintendent of Delano Elementary District, and said it happened before noon Monday.

“Immediately, personnel began performing CPR, and 911 was contacted immediately,” Monreal said.

The child was then pronounced dead at Delano Regional Medical Center.

Monreal would not confirm the child’s identity, but did say the boy was well-regarded by his peers and teachers.

“This student was an honor student – a very good student,” Monreal said.

Monreal said the district will not investigate the incident. Delano Police also say they’re not going to investigate because it’s not a criminal matter.

It’s not known what triggered the child’s death. Counseling has been made available the students and teachers at the school.

– Anthony Pollreisz