County Wants High-Speed Rail Maintnence Facility

Supervisors have sent a letter to the California High Speed Rail Authority, asking that they consider building a bullet train maintenance facility somewhere within Kern County.

Administrative officer John Nilon told supervisors before they cast their unanimous vote Tuesday that there are benefits to housing the facility within county lines.

“This facility would attract 1,500 to 2,500 workers, with annual wages well in excess of $50,000,” he said.

Supervisor Letecia Perez requested that the letter be drafted, saying she recognizes the benefits.

“We are the poorest congressional district in the United State of America – 435 of 435,” she said. “We have a profound need to invest in the quality of our workforce and continue to diversify.”

Mike Turnipseed with the Kern County Taxpayers Association says, indirectly, up to 10,000 could be created generated by the facility.

– Anthony Pollreisz