“Renegade Talks” Scheduled for Thursday

Bakersfield College will present a series of free public discussions later this week with the aim of better educating people about science, culture, communication and civil rights.

BC spokeswoman Amber Chiang said the “Renegade Talks” will take place this Thursday at the school’s Simonson Performing Arts Center.

“It’s modeled after TED Talks, in some respects, where there’s these short presentations about topics that are near and dear to our employees,” she said. “They’re going to give (those presentations) in about 10 minutes.”

Chiang said the topics will range widely.

“We’ve got everything from how laughter is medicine, to how words can actually hurt, and then some civil rights and history in an era where everything is so focused on science and technology,” she said.

The first talk is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. The schedule, in chronological order, is below:

  • “Who Should We Blame For Being Obese?” – Dr. Joe Saldivar
  • “Resilience and Culture” – Talita Pruett
  • “Laughter is More Than a Sound – It’s a Whole-Body Experience!” – Todd Coston
  • “Why Being a Renegade Really Matters” – Lisa Harding
  • “Why History Really Matters: Remembering Forgotten Struggles for Civil Rights and Social Justice” – Dr. Oliver Rosales
  • “Sticks and Stones – Words Can Hurt Us” – Andrea Thorson

– Anthony Pollreisz