Judge Mulling Whether to Let Shooter’s Mother Sue School District

A judge is considering a motion to not let the mother of Taft Union High School shooter Bryan Oliver sue the Taft Union High School District during an August civil trial.

Gina Cervantes, an attorney who represents Sheri Oliver, said the mother was not aware about the one-year deadline to file the claim.

“That claim was summarily denied by the high school district, so we filed what’s called ‘a petition for relief from the government code,'” she said.

Cervantes said the clock started ticking when Oliver seriously wounded Bowe Cleveland with a shotgun blast at the school in January 2013. The teen is serving a 27-year prison sentence.

The mother claims Oliver was bullied and sexually assaulted at the school before opening fire.

The judge has 90 days to rule.

– Anthony Pollreisz