GET Mulling Bus Fare Box, Pass Increases

The Golden Empire Transit board is thinking about raising bus fares by as much as 20 percent beginning in August.

GET spokeswoman Gina Hayden said most fares would be affected.

“GET has not looked at raising fares in the last five years, and yet, during that period, the cost to provide bus service has gone up 17 percent,” she said.

Under the proposal, single-ride fares would jump from $1.25 to $1.50, day passes would increase from $3 to $3.25, and 31-day passes would also go up $4 to $40. 15-day passes would stay at $25.

Senior fares would also be affected. Day passes would jump 15 cents to $1.65 and 31-day passes would increase $2 to $20. Single-ride fares would stay at 75 cents and 15-day pass fees would remain at $12.50.

The new fee schedule will be discussed during a public hearing scheduled for 5:30 p.m. at GET’s headquarters on Golden State Avenue.

– Anthony Pollreisz