Council Approves Revised Plans For Downtown Apartments

The Bakersfield City Council has approved a revised site plan for a four-story apartment building near 18th and C streets, despite concerns over architectural fit, the size of the structure and parking.

The vote was 4-3. Ken Weir, Bob Smith, Harold Hanson and Chris Parlier also voted for, while Jacquie Sullivan, Willie Rivera and Terry Maxwell voted against.

Councilwoman Jacquie Sullivan said the 28-unit complex would stick out in a neighborhood dominated early-20th-century architecture.

“It’s too large – I consider it a massive project,” Sullivan said. “And I feel that it would be just a pitiful mistake.”

Councilman Ken Weir voted said the four-story, 28-unit structure will improve the neighborhood.

“I’ve walked around that area down there,” Weir said. “If somebody invests multiple millions of dollars in that area, you’re not going to hurt what’s around there – because what’s around there needs help.”