The Sheriff’s Office says it has caught Edward Tucker, the deputy who escaped handcuffs and a locked patrol car after his second arrest this week for guns and being high on meth. He was found in Oildale this afternoon but no details have been released. Earlier today, Sheriff Donny Youngblood said Tucker was a “crankster”, someone who was abusing drugs and was a danger to everyone. Tucker was arrested Saturday for pointing a gun at some girls on Belle Terrace, and again Tuesday for weapons, meth and bomb making materials at San Lauren Park. The two deputies on duty when 44-year-old Edward Tucker escaped from the Bakersfield jail are being investigated, four-year-veteran Branden Routh and seven-year veteran Salvador Orona. Surveillance video from Tuesday night shows Tucker reaching out of the patrol car window to open the locked door, then quietly walking away. A link to that video is below, courtesy of KGET TV.

Suzanne Grant