Kern County Road Closures–UPDATED

Here are the list of roads that are closed due to this weekend’s storm:

  1. Cerro Noroeste Rd. (1mi South of Hudson Ranch Rd.) due to Snow.
  2. Malaga Rd. (Panama Rd. to Mountain View Rd.) due to Flooding.
  3. David Rd. (Wheeler Ridge Rd. to Edison Rd.) due to Flooding.
  4. Sandrini Rd. (Wheeler Ridge Rd. to Adobe Rd.) due to Flooding.
  5. Copus Rd. (Old River Rd. to I-5) due to Flooding.
  6. Rosamond Blvd. (150th St. to 170th St.) due to Downed Power Lines.
  7. Water Canyon Rd. (at Highline Rd.) due to Snow and Ice (but is open to residents with identification).

The most up to date list can be found on Kern County ROADS website at:

Kelli Forsch