The woman convicted of plotting with her ex-lover to kill her husband has been sentenced to 26 years to life in prison and denied another trial.

Sabrina Limon’s new attorney Sharon Beth Marshall had claimed a key meeting between prosecutors and admitted killer Jonathan Hearn was left out of the original case, while Hearn was coached by prosecutors and lied on the stand. She also claimed Limon was railroaded into testifying. But Judge John Brownlee disagreed that Limon had insufficient counsel in her former attorney and handed down the sentence.

Robert Limon’s sister Lydia Marrero spoke after the sentencing and was relieved the trial was over but said it would take time to forgive Sabrina.

Marshall says she is working on an appeal.

Hearn was sentenced to 25 years in prison for shooting Robert Limon at his Tehachapi rail yard job in 2014. He testified against Sabrina Limon as part of a plea deal.

Kelli Pierce