The Sheriff’s Office has launched a broad investigation into the drive-by shooting that killed the patriarch of a prominent grape growing family. Sgt. David Hubbard says they’re trying to determine if the attack Wednesday morning on 84-year-old Jakov Dulcich in Delano was deliberate. “We can’t rule that out at this point, however, it is not something we can really firm up either, we’re still trying identify the motive for the murder.” Six shots were fired at Dulcich through the window of his SUV on Browning Road and Woollomes Avenue, which then crashed into sedan. The driver of that car confronted the gunman, who fired one round before escaping.

NOTE: A previous version of this story identified one of the popular grape brands grown by Dulcich Farms as PINK Lady, the correct name is PRETTY Lady. Our apologies for that error.

Suzanne Grant