Second Accused Racer Pleads Guilty in Connection with Deadly Crash

It was a day in court for the second suspect now accused of instigating an illegal street race that took the life of a Bakersfield woman and sent two children to the hospital.

Prosecutors say 34-year-old Israel Maldonado is connected to the November 24 race involving two cars right near the Marketplace that killed Maria Bianey Navarro. He pled not guilty, as authorities say survellience video shows Maladonado’s truck burning out at a red light, with clouds of smoke visible, before the 3/4-mile race, which abruptly ended, police say, with the other car smashing into Navarro’s van, causing the van to crash with a crane truck. Maldonado pled not guilty and is free 250-thousand dollars bail. He will not be able to drive or drink alcohol while on bail.