Tulare County: One Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Tulare County Public Health says someone has tested positive for COVID-19 in Tulare County. The agency says the individual is in stable condition. It is believed that the virus was contracted out of the area and the individual did enter public areas while showing symptoms. Tulare County Public Health Branch is currently conducting an investigation. Due to protected health information requirements and to maintain the patient’s identity, we are not able to further disclose information about this case.

“We hope the patient has a quick recovery,” said, Dr. Karen Haught, Tulare County Public Health Officer. “The safety and well-being of our community remains our top priority and we are asking community members to remain calm and implement appropriate infection control and management procedures such as staying home when ill, washing hands frequently with soap and water, covering coughs and sneezes at all times with a disposable tissue, and practicing social distancing.”