KHSD to Provide Meal Services During School Closures

Kern High School District’s (KHSD) Nutrition Services Department will provide free breakfast and lunch to all children ages 2 to 18 during the school closures beginning Wednesday,

March 18 through Thursday, April 9. Students can receive meals from any elementary or high school, regardless of the district which they attend. All schools operated by KHSD will serve “grab and go” meals between the hours of 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday through Friday. Students can either receive meals at the drive-through location established at the bus-loading zone or walk to the pick-up location to receive lunch and breakfast for the following day. If driving, we ask that parents and students remain in their vehicles while Nutrition Services distributes meals to each child in the car. Students need to be present to receive their meals.

Students who have special meal accommodations on file will need to communicate with the Nutrition Services office staff to confirm if they will pick up their meals daily. Parents should contact Nutrition Services at (661) 827-3190 for these services.

Nutrition Services is working with the KHSD Transportation Department and the Kern County Superintendent of Schools Transportation Department to distribute meals directly to our most vulnerable student population. We anticipate daily transporting meals to the homes of our students with disabilities, who typically have door-to-door transportation services. Each day, these students will receive lunch and breakfast for the following day.

The Meal Distribution Sites are:

Arvin High School
Independence High School
West High School
Bakersfield High School
Kern Valley High School
Stockdale High School
Centennial High School
Liberty High School
Continuation Sites
East Bakersfield High School
Mira Monte High School
East Belle Terrace *
Foothill High School
North High School
Frontier High School
Ridgeview High School
Golden Valley High School
Shafter High School
Vista West
Highland High School
South High School

* All sites surrounding East Belle Terrace (ROC, AIM, ABLE, and TDS) will have one location for meal distribution in the ROP bus loading zone on S. Mount Vernon
** Schuetz and RCC can pick-up their meals at their home sites.