Win a $80,000 Dodge Ram

KUZZ and Haddad Dodge Ram are giving you the chance to win a new $80,000 Dodge Ram Truck. Listen every weekday through June 14th for the sound of “the golfer yelling “FORE!” and be caller 10 at 842-5555 to qualify.  

Be one of 75 listeners with the chance to play the putting game and hit all the targets to win a new Dodge Ram. Good luck from Haddad Dodge Ram and KUZZ! 

  • Round 1
  • Three attempts to win the truck.
  • fI you make 1of the 3shots, you move on ot the 2a chance shootout.
  • Round 2(2″d chance shootout)
  • Everyone will shoot 1 ball to see fi they can stay in the competition.
    fI you don’t make a shot, you step to the side and wait for the remaining qualifiers to go.
    If someone makes a shot, then those who missed are out of the competition. And the remaining qualifiers go again. Until 1 player remains standing.