KCSO Hiring for Numerous Positions

KCSO Hiring for Numerous Positions

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office is looking to hire.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently in continuous recruitment for the deputy sheriff and detentions deputy trainee positions, as well as deputy sheriff and detentions deputy lateral positions. There are currently over 100 vacant deputy sheriff positions and over 80 vacant detentions deputy positions within the KCSO. This doesn’t account for attrition rates due to retirement, promotions, and other losses to our department.

The minimum qualifications for detentions deputies is 18 years of age, while deputy sheriffs is 19 years of age. Both classifications require a high school diploma, GED or equivalent, and a valid CA class C driver’s license.

Our current incentives for new Kern County employees being hired under the trainee positions is $10,000 while new County lateral hires for deputy sheriff is $25,000.

In addition to deputy positions, the Sheriff’s Office relies on civilian support staff to meet our mission objectives. A few of these positions that we continuously recruit for are Maintenance Worker, SST, Sheriff’s Aide, Deputy Coroner and Dispatch Assistant. Each of these positions have minimum standards that vary by classification. Our department works in conjunction with County Human Resources to conduct recruitment. Applications, job descriptions and even subscribing for recruitment notification can be done by visiting the County Human Resources web site at Kern County.com, and selecting Careers.

Applicants must be 19-years or older, have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, and must possess a California Class “C” drivers license.

Interested individuals can submit questions to SheriffHR@kernsheriff.org .

The County application process may consist of a written exam, interview, performance or physical agility exam. Once an applicant is considered qualified by County HR they will participate in a background clearance process by the department. This process consist of a department interview, a criminal history check as well as a work history and residence reference check. Some positions require a physical and psychological exam.