Houchin Blood Bank Giving Away a New Car

Houchin Blood Bank Giving Away a New Car

Houchin Community Blood Bank and Three-Way Chevrolet are partnering again this summer for another car giveaway. This 4-month campaign will begin on July 1st and end on October 31st. In 2019, Three-Way Chevrolet donated a vehicle, which helped bring in over 12,000 donations throughout the campaign. With the nationwide blood shortage, the goal is to encourage our community to donate as many times as they can within the next 4 months.

There are ways to increase a donor’s chance of winning this vehicle depending on what blood product they donate.

  • Whole blood = 2 chances (Donate every 56 days)
  • Plasma = 4 chances (Donate every 4 weeks)
  • Platelets = 16 chances (Donate every 7 days)

” The entire team here at Three-Way Chevrolet Co. is once again proud to partner with Houchin Community Blood Bank to raise community awareness that by donating blood you are giving the gift of life to someone in need” said Ted Nicholas, President and CEO. “This gift is truly part of the circle of life, as at some time in each of our lives, we will all need or have a loved one in need of this life-saving gift. We are counting on the community of Kern County to once again do what we do best and that is to give generously and often to those in need.”

For a chance to win, donors can donate at any of Houchin’s mobiles or donor centers during these four months.