Several Arrests Made by Police in Motorcycle “Takeover” Event

Several Arrests Made by Police in Motorcycle “Takeover” Event

On September 4th, 2021, at about 2:55 PM, the Bakersfield Police Department received information on a motorcycle “takeover” event occurring in the City of Bakersfield, being hosted by a local club with a history of facilitating criminal activity.

This has been an ongoing problem, with this group numbering in the hundreds, blocking streets, committing assaults, robberies, reckless driving and peace disturbances. These events jeopardize the safety of motorists and take significant first responder resources away from other pressing issues. 

Officers impounded a motorcycle associated with the group in the 7500 block of Granite Hills Street. Officers attempted to stop an individual in the area of South Mount Vernon and Gateway. The subject fled after abandoning a quad in the area of Cottonwood and Feliz. The crowd, numbering in the hundreds became confrontational and threatening to officers. One quad registered to the city of Arroyo Grande was impounded.

Officers engaged in a foot pursuit of a motorcycle rider after he abandoned his motorcycle in the area of Union Avenue and Columbus Street. Andrew Wade (27) of Sacramento was taken into custody for resisting arrest, and an unrelated parole violation warrant. One officer sustained minor injuries (lacerations) during the foot pursuit.

Officers attempted to stop a group of the riders in the area of Brundage and P Street. The group, numbering approximately 100 riders failed to yield and led officers on a pursuit with riders on both sides of the roadway, sidewalk and median. While traveling southbound on Wible Road from Brundage Lane, one of the riders on the southbound shoulder appeared to lose control and struck a traffic detour sign while he was turned around and giving obscene gestures to pursuing officers. This caused a pile-up of 8-10 motorcyclists. Two subjects, Daniel Hernandez (20), and Brad Russell (32) of Bakersfield were arrested after attempting to flee on foot. All of the other subjects fled. Hernandez and Russell were charged with felony evading and conspiracy. Four motorcycles/quads were impounded.

This is an ongoing investigation with efforts to identify and prosecute based upon video footage.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to call the Bakersfield Police Department at (661) 327-7111.