12 Guitars Official Rules

12 GUITARS OF CHRISTMAS NOVEMBER 28 – DECEMBER 15, 2022 OFFICAL RULES QUALIFYING: • Listen Monday-Friday, beginning November 28th in the 9 AM, 2 PM, and 5 PM hours.  At each of those times, a clue will be given about one of the country artists who has autographed one of the prize guitars.  After the clue…Read More

Sully’s Exceptional Student

Do you know a high school student that is exceptional?  They juggle school, work, activities and home and do it all well.  Are they a good human who helps others, volunteers or just simply deserves some recognition?  Nominate him or her to be a Sully’s Exceptional Student and a chance to win $100 Sully’s Gift…Read More

Clear the List – Carianne Pinheiro

This is my first year in kinder and at American. It’s my 19th year teaching, but it’s insane how many supplies are needed in kinder. I appreciate any support more than you know! Clear the ListRead More

Clear the List – Teighlor Wilke

Teighlor Wilke, West High School 10th-12th grade. Teighlor is a 6th year teacher who teaches agriculture education, including Sustainable Biology, Floral Design, and Ag Government and Economics. The items on her wishlist will help to create a welcoming environment for her students and provide them with more opportunities for learning and growing. Her favorite part…Read More

Clear the List – Terisa McKinney

I’m a third grade teacher at Casa Loma Elementary School. This is my 21st year teaching at the same neighborhood school. Many of the kids have never been out of the neighborhood, so the experiences they get at school are very important. I do a lot of hands on activities to keep them engaged! Here…Read More

Clear the List – Dicy Heredia

My name is Dicy Heredia, and I teach at Noble Elementary.  I have been teaching for over 25 years and love watching my kids grow academically, personally, and socially.  I am currently teaching fourth grade and absolutely love it.  I have been working to build a diverse classroom library and bring in fun activities to get my kids…Read More

Clear the List – Allison Cheatwood

I am a specialized educator for the amazing 8th graders at Standard Middle School. The focus for my classroom this year is to enhance Social and Emotional Learning and how I can best help my students navigate the hard days while celebrating all the little victories. I love the community of Oildale and with your…Read More

Clear the List – Meagan Miller

Meagan Miller / William B. Bimat Elementary School / 6th grade My name is Meagan and I am a 3rd year 6th grade teacher at Bimat Elementary! I was hired mid-year during the pandemic, so this will be my first “normal” year teaching, but I am so thankful for the experience that I have had.…Read More

Clear the List – Alisha Flores

Alisha Flores Science Teacher WMS usually 150 7-8 students, Alisha is a hard working new teacher and her students are very deserving. She is starting up her second year.  Clear the List Additional Classroom ListRead More